How To Install a Pool Pump – Plumbing the Pump, Part 2 of 2

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How To Install a Pool Pump – Plumbing the Pump, Part 2 of 2


In this video I will show you how to install a pool pump, specifically the plumbing of the pump. In part one I walk you through the wiring of the pool pump. To see that video:

This is a very difficult set up area as it is a small equipment pad and the area back there is nothing but dirt. A messy area to work in for sure. Plus the plumbing was done in such an unnecessary tight fashion. There was no need to put the equipment in such a tight fashion with such a large area back there – but “it is what it is.”

So I was left with not much space at all unless I wanted to re-plumb the entire area and put in a new Jandy valve and backwash valve.

Here are the parts I used in this video in order as they appear:
2″ Male Adapter for front of the pump – note it fits over a 2″ PVC pipe
1.5″ Fitting Adapter – this fits over an existing elbow or coupling
2″ Self Align Slip Union – essential in getting this pump on
2″ X 12″ Nipple SCH80 Pipe – This resists heat – high melt temperatures

For the threaded parts I used Plasto Joint Stick but you can use Teflon Tape.

I like the Pool Heavy PVC Cement because it gives you more time to adjust the fittings which comes in handy in a tight spot like this here.

Any primer will do – it basically gets the pipe ready for the Cement

There is really no way in this type of tight area to jam two opposite ends on PVC pipe up to connect the pump so a Union was needed on at least one part of the piping. I would like to have put one in front also but the installer left me zero room to do so. So with one union it was still pretty difficult to squeeze the pump in – as you can see from the video.

In a real world installation you will find that most of the pool equipment installed is in a tight configuration like in this video. Especially a lot of the older equipment installs. The one foot manufacturer rule for a straight pipe from the elbow in the intake of the pump is not really followed by most original installers so I have to live with it.

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