FlowVis® Flow Meter – Plumbing in the Complete Valve

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FlowVis® Flow Meter – Plumbing in the Complete Valve

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If you want to install a FlowVis Flow Meter but don’t have an existing Jandy Check valve, no problem. Plumbing the Complete FlowVis in is pretty simple actually.

This video will show you the easiest way to plumb the FlowVis in. Total cost if you include the pipe cutting tool will be less than .00. So it is not only easy but affordable. And you will only need to do it once sine the FlowVis is rated to last 15 years.

I recommend installing a flow gauge to help reduce energy cost and also to see if everything is running correctly. A must have for your pool.

PVC Supplies:
You can get all of the PVC pipes and unions at your local hardware store if you live in a swim state like California, Florida, Arizona etc., as my local Lowe’s carries everything in this video including this handy PVC cutting tool. The PVC Cement may be a different brand but any rated for pool use will do. I use the Pool Heavy cement verses the traditional blue cement because it gives me more time to make the connections. I need it because my hands are in pretty bad shape and I cannot work fast. It is thicker and messier than the blue cement but it will dry a little bit slower on the fittings as you are building them. It bonds just as well to the PVC pipe as the Blue Cement.

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